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The following side effects are associated with this medicine: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, drowsiness, weight loss, muscle or joint pain, sleeplessness, or unusual dreams. Check with your doctor if they become regular or are bothersome. If you experience headache, dizziness or fainting, vision problems, chest pain, joint pain, depression, unusual dreams, new mental changes, rash, stomach pain, frequent urination, and/or unsteadiness then check with your doctor. You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience slow or irregular heartbeat, slurred speech, seizures, or black stools. If you notice other effects not listed or have other concerns about this medicine (generic Aricept), contact your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.

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The AVERAGE time from diagnosis to death is 7 years. Having had 3 relatives with Alzheimer's I would say that that is a fair average depending on the age of onset, or diagnosis and other health issues.Depending upon the stage of Alzheimer�s a person is in, medications such as Aricept and Namenda may be used to delay the progression of symptoms. While those with Vascular Dementia can sometimes slow the decline by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and getting better control over diabetes. Lastly- and this is very important � much of the research suggests that good overall health (among other things!) can help to protect the brain against developing Alzheimer�s and, of course, Vascular Dementia.My aunt is 94 and recently started taking Aricept. She is experiencing vivid nightmares and having trouble distinguishing between reality and the nightmare--any one have any idea if the med could cause this?

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Aricept for dementia. Anyone here taking it, or do you have a family member that does? I need advice.?Hello: first off I will say I am not a doctor but a social worker who has had many clients with dementia. Alzheimer's is a form of dementia and is the most common form. The short-term memory will show difficulties in the early stages of the disease. Don't let it fool you that he can remember what he was wearing on a date when he was 16. The long term memory stays intact longer. Aricept is helpful in dealing with the symptoms but will not stop the progression of the disease. The younger one is diagnosed with dementia, the faster the progression typically. Usually people are diagnosed in their 80's so it may be considered that your dad is fairly young to be diagnosed. Denial is common in the early stages. He may recognize he cannot remember things from yesterday and it scares him. Hiding symptoms from loved ones is common too. They are embarrased and they hide things because of their pride and they are afraid to lose their independence. It must feel helpless for you that your dad lives across the globe. It is not an empowering position for you to be in. I have not heard Aricept doing any harm but it does have its side effects like most medications. If he needs Aricept after receiving proper diagnosis from a medical professional who specializes in cognitive impairment, getting him to actually take it may be another battle. If I am reading things right, he is a former Air Force General and is used to being in control. Losing your short-term memory is really scary and he may feel a sense of loss of control. You didn't mention if your dad has a spouse. Perhaps talking with his spousefriendcompanion can be helpful and give insight. I hope this is helpful and I wish you the best in the future.My husband & I are in an assisted living apt. He was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2004, so we made the move from our home a couple of years ago. His neurologist immediately put him on Aricept once a day. It has slowed the process of Alzheimers. However, it has affected his thinking process. He was a public high school math teacher and computer whiz. Now he can't do simple arithmetic. He will be 84 years old and his thinking process and actions are much slower. He uses a walker and walks very slow. His words are sometimes inaudible and he must spell simple ones to me. He will start a conversation when the topic is "off the wall"...something he obviously was thinking about but has nothing to do with a current topic of conversation. It is usually something that occurred in the past. Perhaps a navy situation. He was in WWII. Or when we were first married...60+ years ago. He eats very slowly and is not very neat. Our daughter-in-law made adult bibs from a colorful plastic tablecloth. It is a great help. He has difficulty with soup, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, gravy & other food items that are not firm. I told him to use his spoon whenever it would be helpful.

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And if you need to call an ambulance, it will give themGrow your own weed... it will become a common back garden feature... people will stop drinking alcohol ffs... and whole economies will collapse changing western civilisation as we know it. Plus everyone will start believing in the Flying spaghetti Monster... round about munchy time.What can be done about it, is another question. Increasing the blood flow (blood contains oxygen) to your brain can help; exercise, chewing gum, some say ginsing.
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